Pritchitts is a part of the Lakeland Dairies Group - the global market leader in the manufacturing of dairy-based products. The range of products offered was developed with demanding professionals in mind.

Why Pritchitts?

Our specialists personally tested and verified the products by Pritchitts and were proud to include them in what we offer at Savpol. It is not only the best Polish or European quality but the best worldwide. More than 2,200 family farms operating in Ireland make every effort to ensure that the taste, consistency and aroma of the milk are utterly delicious. After that, it is processed in modern plants run by the Lakeland Dairies Group and delivered to satisfied clients in almost eighty countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Today, you have the opportunity to be supplied by the global market leader in the production of dairy-based products.

The Pritchitts dairy cooperative offers a wide range of fresh and natural products. Innovative methods applied in production techniques and technologies in the scope of dairy-based products are a guarantee of their excellent quality. They are processed with a view to their use in the HoReCa sector but also with great attention paid to the palate of each and every client..
The company sets world-class quality standards. It fulfils the requirements of the ISO 9001 and the BRC Global Food Standards. Proprietary recipes are developed with attention to every detail by highly skilled masters in gastronomy. All these facts taken together guarantee that your business will be a place flowing with the very best quality milk, cream and yoghurt.