A range of products selected especially for you. High-grade Italian products, semi-finished products and additives for the confectionery, ice cream and gastronomy industries.

Just a few words about Fabbri

There are many ways to tell a story. The one which tells the history of the Fabbri company is like a multi-layered saga, full of the joyful hubbub of Ferrara – a Renaissance city, discoveries of industrial revolution and the unique Italian sun.

Everything started in 1905, when Gennaro Fabbri took over an old general store with a cellar and began producing liqueurs known as “Premiata Liquor Distillery G. Fabbri”, now known as “Fabbri 1905”. The following years and events are similar to a screenplay from a Hollywood love story. The most famous Amarena cherries in syrup, which is at present the symbol of the company was created in the 1920s and inspired by a secret recipe created by Rachel, Gennaro’s wife. Her husband - as a sign of his love and happiness - ordered a white and blue jar to be made for her as a gift. Its aesthetics are still a distinguishing characteristics of Fabbri products. In such a way, thanks to a series of fortunate events, with the support of his loved ones, and thanks to his incredible willpower, intuition for the market and brilliant ideas, Gennaro Fabbri developed his small business into a thriving company.
The next owners, who inherited their ancestor’s enthusiasm and passion, expanded the company, introduced improvements and produced more and more new goods. Today, the enterprise is run by the fourth generation of the Fabbri family and its products are sold in almost eighty countries worldwide. Its original range of products is made only in one factory located in Bologna. Their unique taste and traditional recipes come from those men and women who have been building the international success of the Fabbri company and have been promoting Italian quality for over a century.
It is excellence made in Italy.
The range of options selected especially for you includes products, semi-finished products and additives for the confectionery, ice cream and gastronomy industries. Try the famous Italian Amarena cherry and observe how it improves the taste of your desserts. Use the perfect base to easily create milk- and chocolate-flavoured ice-cream which - when combined with the right Delipaste - will result in surprising flavours. Enjoy drinks and coffee enriched with a touch of hot and sunny Bologna. The products made by Fabbri are the unrivalled number one in the ice cream industry.

  • Unique and attractive flavour and natural colours of desserts
  • They are easy to use and shorten the time of ice cream creation
  • Improved level of hygiene at work
Fabbri means the highest constant quality of ice cream, irrespective of the time of year.