Volleyball rivalry

PlusLiga volleyball athletes from Volleyball Training Center in Będzin (MKS Będzin), took part in a culinary competition organized in Savpol Training Center.

The theme for the competition were healthy, wholesome meals for athelets. Young players, under the guidance of our HoReCa technologist Damian Krępeć, confronted: 
  • fresh salad with tuna, cucumber, tomato, corn, sunflower seeds, pesto with arugula and poached egg
  • sous vide chicken breast with mozzarella, nuts, dried tomatoes and wholewheat pasta served on a green pea puree, 
  • creamy parsley soup, and
  • fruit salad with wholewheat pancake and almond flakes
First place went to duo - Igor Farnicki and Jakub Gałan. However, huge applause belonged to all participants, as for many of them it was their first experience with cooking. 
Competition was organized by the parents of young volleyball players.

Thank you for having so much fun together and we wish you many victories, both - in volleyball and cooking.


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