Valmar Global guarantees the highest quality. We urge you to trust their devices and machines that will make your work as sweet and pleasant as your products, and they will save you energy.

Valmar Global machines

Have you ever wondered about the phenomenon of the success of the Polish ice cream and confectionery industries in recent years? We have serious reasons to believe that the Valmar Global company’s entry into the Polish market massively contributed to its success. This is the company responsible for the production and timely delivery of all types of machines and equipment which will make your work as sweet and pleasant as your products.
Every day, a dozen or so machines tested by skilled personnel and fulfilling the expectations of all clients are dispatched from its factories in Slovenia. What makes the range of products offered by Valmar so outstanding is the combination of the most technologically advanced solutions with their simple way of operation, which are user friendly for ice cream producers and confectioners. This is the result of countless technical tests carried out by their team of designers.
The production of delicious delicacies and desired flavours, and savings of time and money
Our specialists assist you in selecting the right machines from a wide range for ice cream production and other confectionery needs. Vertical and horizontal, as well as multi-function batch freezers for ice cream, ageing vats, electronic pasteurizers and whipped cream machines produced by Valmar Global will soon find their place in your shop. And your ice cream - everyone will love it!
  • Many years of technological research provide the Valmar Global technologists with the knowledge necessary to design and construct machines which take into account the complexities of each component.
  • Top quality materials confirmed by international institutions responsible for quality control.
  • Innovative technological, electronic and thermal innovations that are part of the leading solutions in the world production of ice-cream machines.
  • Factual and specialist support in the scope of creating ice cream, cream and desserts in a masterful way, and also assistance in the scope of the most economical methods used in ice cream production.